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Miss Supranational 2013 Damten Thleng Sal Zo

Miss Supranational 2013, Belarus ram, Minsk khawpi ih tuah mi ah lawmman pali a ngahtu Kawlram lengnu Ma Khin Wint Wah cu tuzing September 8, 2013 ah damten Yangon Airport ah a thleng ih mipi tam ngaingai in an rak hmuak.

Myanmar Miss cu Miss Internet, Most Beautiful Girl in the World, People Choice Award Face of Miss Supranational 2013 le Belarus ramsung ih Online Vote pekmi pawl ah lawmman a ngah.

Miss Myanmar Khin Wint Wah, kum 19, cu Miss Supranational 2013 zuamawknak ah semi fianal tiang a thleng, Kawlram mi lakin hi vek zuamawknak ih semi final tiang thleng hmaisabik tu khal a si.

Miss Supranational 2013

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