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Thet Mon Myint 2014 ah Pasal Nei Ding

Thet Mon Myint and BoyfriendLemcang thaim Thet Mon Myint (Mai Zung Cer Mai), Adam, Eve and Datsa ti movie in 2012 ih Academy laksawng ngah, cu 2014 ah pasal a nei ding tiah a facebook fan page ah a phuang.

A pasal ding hmin le thu cipciar cu sim than a si lo nan senior architect pakhat a siih ramdang ih thlawng theh a si thu theih a si. A kum cu kum 32 hrawng a si.

Mi tampi in Thet Mon Myint le Sai Sai hi duh aw ding an zum. Ziangah tile an um daan an nel aw dan pawl zoh tikah fala le tlangval ding an bang. Nan rinlopin amah Thet Mon Myint in pasal a neih ding thu a than tikah mipi an mang a bang zet.

Thet Mon le a tlangval pa zuk cu a facebook fan page ah a postnak nikhat hman a kim hrih lo nan comment a pektu 3,990 lenglo an um ih voi 2,900 lenglo share sin bet a si zo.

Comment peknak ah mi hrekkhat in sumpai ruangah maw na thit tum tiah an ti celcel nan, amah Thet Mon in, “duhdawtnak ruangah a si,” tiah fiangten a sim.

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